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    "id": "58726",
    "slug": "toyota-right-front-door-glass-new-68110-0d241-i3yzow",
    "sku": "",
    "barcode": "",
    "name": "TOYOTA RIGHT FRONT DOOR GLASS NEW 68110-0D241",
    "meta_title": "TOYOTA RIGHT FRONT DOOR GLASS NEW 68110-0D241 | Nippon Auto Spares",
    "meta_description": "NEW TOYOTA OSF DOOR GLASS PART NUMBER 68110-0D241 FITS IMPORT YARIS",
    "brand_id": "2",
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    "default_variant": "1",
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    "tax_rate": "20.000",
    "ex_vat_number": "125.000",
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    "ex_vat_was_price": "\u00a3125.00",
    "ex_vat_sale_price_number": "",
    "ex_vat_sale_price": "\u00a30.00",
    "brand_name": "Toyota",
    "brand_images": [],
    "price_number": "150.000",
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    "was_price_number": "150",
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            "256": "https:\/\/\/default_images\/default_no_image.png",
            "512": "https:\/\/\/default_images\/default_no_image.png",
            "1024": "https:\/\/\/default_images\/default_no_image.png",
            "2048": "https:\/\/\/default_images\/default_no_image.png"
    "attributes": [],
    "attribute_tooltips": [],
    "category_slug": "door-glass-front",
    "description": "<p>NEW TOYOTA OSF DOOR GLASS&nbsp;<\/p><p>PART NUMBER 68110-0D241&nbsp;<\/p><p>FITS IMPORT YARIS<\/p>",
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    "use_canonical_url": "\/door-glass-front\/toyota-right-front-door-glass-new-68110-0d241",
    "brand_slug": "toyota",
    "category_name": "DOOR GLASS FRONT",
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            "ex_vat_number": "<span data-original-price='125.000'>125.00<\/span>",
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PART NUMBER 68110-0D241 



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